About Us

Andrew Lashley Design Ltd. was founded out of a desire to work closer with the client/end user in a more collaborative way and tailor designs in innovative ways, whether a residential extension or a restaurant we consider it our responsibility to get the building/space to work for the client rather than just existing, doing so with creativity and imagination.


We provide partial and full architectural design services to both private and commercial clients, interior design, design & build, site searches and surveys. We maintain leading edge technology to allow the maximum connectivity to all clients and partners in the UK and Overseas.


The practice, formed in 2004, has gained a reputation for innovative solutions and creative design both in the UK and Caribbean (a sub-office is maintained in Barbados) . With Andrew Lashley's many years working in engineering, construction and architectural offices on a broad variety of building types (residential/office/bars/nightclubs/health spas/restaurants/hotels/laboratories) the practice has a solid base from which it has developed its reputation and it is constantly striving to extend its knowledge for the benefit of its clients.


We are always interested in undertaking new areas of work as it has a dual benefit for the client. We approach every job as a unique challenge and as a result we are able to bring out the essence of the project by our approach to researching the client requirements and industry practises, along with always looking for the innovative approach that will make the final project stand out against its peers! We are environmentally aware, responsible, competitive, enthusiastic, experienced and most of all INTERESTED in what our clients need to achieve!


We look forward to working with you.

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