Everyone knows the term sustainability, but it's true meaning in the real world of constructing buildings has such a broad interpretation throughout the construction industry that is is not possible to detail all issues relating to sustainability and how this will affect your project.


Andrew Lashley Design looks to integrate sustainable and environmentally efficient elements to all their projects but this also requires clients to understand that there are basic and necessary elements required by the law which we can choose to meet or exceed.


Then there are social aspects, designing for adaptable and flexible lifetime use of space, addressing environmental concerns, making use of natural renewable resources such as solar energy, wind power, rain recovery systems, ground source thermal heating, etc. that we look to address when discussing any scheme with our clients to allow them to make decisions that will affect them now or in the near future in the enjoyment of their new build environment.


All of this also needs to be considered with an eye to the economic viability from the clients point of view as well. In this, we look to introduce possibilities so that conscious decision making can be made at the early stages of scheme development allowing any systems and technologies to be "designed in" and not be after thoughts which are then difficult to implement.


Is it about "being green", to some extent yes! Utilising passive and active methods of being sustainable will allow you to utilise more environmentally friendly approaches to your utilising you finished building , with a medium term view towards reducing your increasing fossil fuel energy costs . . which in turn is where "being green" starts.

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