It needs to be made clear that an Approach to Design is not a Formula for Designing that could just be applied to every project.


Our approach is fairly straightforward - there are always three elements in every project (min.) - The Client(s), Us and The Building/Site each having an influence on the final outcome of any project.


The Client(s): As a client there are always needs and wants these need to be clarified early in the scheme development so that when there are areas where choices need to be made for one reason or the other that we know what the "red line" items are. Also, when it comes to dealing with the planning system, if negotiating with the local authority, it is good to have fall back options that hit the want items before the needs.


Us: ALDesign also comes with some baggage! We want clients to rethink what they want their finished project to do for them, allowing fresh ideas an opportunity and developing a detailed brief with a mind to obtain a more tailored final design that is well considered by the client(s). Moving forward when there is a clear understanding that a functional and workable design that would fulfil the immediate and future needs of the client(s).


The Building/Site: Just like us humans, buildings have a say as well. Whether a building or a site there are always elements that restrict or offer opportunity to change. What we have to decide is if to work with the building/site and allow it to directly influence the development of the scheme or where necessary, force it to meet our requirements which is a bit more intrusive on the existing circumstance.


All together we will have the ingredients to develop a scheme that will meet the needs and hopefully wants of our clients.

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